Sunday, 20 February 2005

Meconopsis racemosa

Photographer : Margaret Thorne


Lower down often in more protected sites from M. horridula. ( see also M. horridula, prattii and rudis ) Taylor lumped a number of species into M. horridula but C. Grey-Wilson has recently split them up. ( They are all spiny blue-flowered deciduous monocarpic species. ) This is really very much the same sky blue plant as M. horridula mainly with golden anthers ( Grey-Wilson describes the Sichuan form of this as having white or grey anthers ) but flowers as a raceme and can be quite a tall plant at 30 to 50 cms.


M. racemosa is also difficult. It is slow growing and again while probably easier than M. horridula will take some years to flower and losses will mount up. Correctly named viable wild seed is difficult to obtain.

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