Friday, 4 February 2005

Meconopsis lancifolia


A deciduous monocarpic species ( same group as M. horridula ) mainly from China. It is a highly variable plant and as areas of China are more fully explored it is possible that more than 1 taxon will be seen to be involved. In Yunnan and SW Sichuan the leaves are dark green with few bristles and the flowers, which are in racemes, can be an attractive deep purple but also be shades of blue. There can be over a dozen petals making an attractive flower. Higher altitude plants may only be 15cms. high with cup shaped flowers while lower down the plants are taller and have more straggly flowers – see also M. concinna. M. eximia is a taller and more slender version of M. lancifolia as is M. lepida from Sichuan. Both of these were lumped into M. lancifolia by Taylor. The final taxonomic treatment of this group of plants will no doubt be resolved by Chris Grey-Wilson. Below is a link to images described as M. barbiseta. These are on the website 'Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains' The images are very similar to 3 that are illustrated from Stone Mountain in Quinghai under wild images for this species. They are also discussed under M. sinomaculata to which they also have similarities

SEE ALSO M. concinna


Has been successfully grown from seed but not easy. As with species like M. delavayi they may be more successfully grown in cool northern climates like Norway. Like M. delavayi it may be best to sow thinly and not prick on in the first year. Growth of seedlings is relatively slow compared to M. prattii and fungal infections during warm spells are a threat.

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