Friday, 11 February 2005

Meconopsis pinnatifolia


(One of five species in section Discogyne characterised by having a disk above the ovary from which the style and stigma protrude – other 4 species are M.simikotensis, M. tibetica, M. torquata, and M.discigera). This species from an area centred on the Langtang in Nepal and S Tibet was described by Chinese botanists. It has flowers from shades of purple/blue, violet to reddish. It has characteristic leaves which are distinctively lobed and extend up the stem to the flowers and the bract leaves. Reference. Chris Grey-Wilson ‘The Alpine Gardener’ Vol 74 212-225. June 2006. A comprehensive account including formal species descriptions.


Only M. discigera of the Discogyne has been regularly grown and that is not easy. M. torquata was flowered by two growers many years ago in Scotland. Likely to be difficult.

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