Monday, 7 February 2005

Meconopsis lyrata - Photos In The Wild

Bhutan. Margaret Thorne We have checked the herbarium at the RBG Edinburgh and the flower and stem are typical but the leaves are normally very pinnatisect (divided).The leaves on this are almost identical to a drawaing in the herbarium of what was M. polygonoides and which Taylor added to M. lyrata.Bhutan. Leaves on this species are very variable and Taylor lumped 3 species into M lyrata which only differed on leaf shape, normally very divided. Margaret Thorne. The type specimen of this plant is at Kew and has been digitised and is available on line. It is possible that although the flowering stem and flowers are very similar that this may be another taxon.

Bhutan, Note these sorts of images are very valuable on what is an identification website and with digital cameras it is relatively easy to take a series of close-ups of critical features as well as a range of plants and not just the prettiest! Margaret Thorne.