Friday, 4 February 2005

Meconopsis lancifolia - Photos In The Wild

Typical sparse leaf spines compared to M. 'horridula' sps. Most have multiflowered scapes.
Typical seed pods from Cangshan 3,900m.  David Rankin. Leaf very different to Sichuan plants. Hairless, glaucous and purple pigmented Possibly this is a different species. Cangshan 3,900m.  David Rankin.
Beautiful form of a very variable species. Species like M impedita and even M pseudovenusta may be very similar in some populations. Cangshan 3,900m.  David Rankin. Stone Mountain, Quinghai. A delicate plant of great beauty - whether all the images on this page are the same taxa is not clear. Taylor acknowledged this and lumped many species together. Whether they are reliably separable remains to be seen. Martin Walsh.
Another beautiful image from the Stone Mountain, Quinhai. Very different from the previous and showing the variability of this species even in a single location. Martin Walsh.
Habitat at Stone Mountain. Martin Walsh.

NOTE - These last 3 images are very similar to those published as M. barbiseta in Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mts. The link is on the main page of M. sinomaculata.
A beautiful robust form of this very variable species. Balang Shan, Sichuan. 4,100 m. Harry Jans. A lovely scapose plant on the Balang Shan, Sichuan, 4,100m. Hilary and John Birks.
Racemose form of this lovely species. Da Xue Shan, Yunnan, 2009. Hilary Birks. A softer colour of this highly variable species. Shika Shan, 2009. Hilary Birks. See also a pink flowered image under garden flowers (Run out of space for wild pictures!).