Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First Post from Webmaster - Dr. James Cobb

Deeply indebted to Steve Tubbrit who is a professional devisor of video games, who some years ago created the Meconopsis World website and now has updated it and created a Blog. Many people of my age and generation find this difficult and I am very grateful for his detailed written instructions,  great patience and a huge amount of time and effort.

I aim to post new images and write regular updates about what is going on in the world of Meconopsis. 

This Saturday - 2nd March -  there is a meeting in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh with a comprehensive programme of lectures by the Meconopsis Group. Anyone interested would be welcome to attend - tea or coffee from 10 am. and lectures and business from 10.30. In the next few days once I have worked out how to use this new system properly I will write up the group that includes M. lyrata as changed by Chris Grey-Wilson. Chris has a new monograph on Meconopsis about to go to press and the Meconopsis Group is current compiling a new multi-authored book on cultivation and wild collected species in cultivation as well as chapters on hybrids. The Meconopsis Group also runs a wonderful seed exchange service for members.

Written 26th Feb. 2013. James L.S. Cobb.