Saturday, 19 February 2005

Meconopsis quintuplinervia - Photos In The Wild

A lovely habitat image of Farrer's Harebell poppy in the wild - a superb perennial garden plant - difficult from seed. Martin Walsh. Flower showing dark purple patches adjacent to ovary which are meant to be unique to M. sinomaculata. Just possible this is a hybrid (which do occur but not named yet) or else this pigmentation is related to something like soil properties. Daban Shan (on ledges), Qinghai. Hilary and John Birks.
Stone Mountain, Quinghai, 4,100m. A superb group of flowers all opening together on this very desirable perennial species. Hilary and John Birks. Matang Pass, Sichuan, N of Miyalou, 3,900m. Hilary and John Birks.