Thursday, 3 February 2005

Meconopsis integrifolia - Photos In The Garden

Grown from recent Sichuan seed.
Paler open flower. Sichuan seed. Variation in leaf veining - all from same Sichuan seed.
Multipetalled from recent Sichuan seed. Seedlings at 1 year old grown in pure peat.
Same batch of seedlings at same age in rich soil.Rosette from Sichuan seed.
Rosette of cultivated form 30 years ago. From wild Sichuan seed - variable leaf veining.
East of Scotland garden. Fred Hunt. Single plant of M pseudointegrifolia (left) and the rest M. integrifolia. These probably drooping in rain but diagnostic style and stigma not visible. The long style and stigma are visible in the plant of M.pseudointegrifolia. Tromso. Norway. Finn Haugli.