Thursday, 10 February 2005

Meconopsis paniculata - Photos In The Wild

Lingshi valley. M Thorne.Lingshi valley at 3,800m. Typical Leaf. M Thorne.
Green or purple stigmas at Bhutan locations. M Thorne.3,000m. Lingshi, Bhutan. M Thorne.
3,000m. Minimal hairiness and highly divided leaf not typical. M Thorne.Lingshi Glacier valley, Bhutan, 3800m. M Thorne.
An absolutely classic image of the rosette of this species taken in Nepal by Margaret Thorne. Very dense hairs on the leaves with marked lobing at the outside of the leaves but not divided to the mid rib like the previous leaf images on this page. David and Margaret Thorne, who live a few miles south of Edinburgh, have led a large number of trips to the Himalayas and China and Margaret now takes multiple images of plants showing as many of the taxonomic and botanical features as is possible.
Another lovely image from the inreasingly large collection of Margaret Thorne this time taken in Tibet. This again seems more typical of the species with the same leaf structure as the previous image and a densely hairy leaf.

Read the introductory notes on this species since Taylor strongly emphasised the multiple layers of leaf hairs in this species - however it is not really clear what he meant by a sub-stellate pubescence.