Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Meconopsis dhwojii


Eastern Nepal. Distinctive evergreen monocarpic species with yellow flowers and very divided fern like leaves. Characterised by deep purple pigment at the base of all leaf spines and sometimes the leaf stems are also purple pigmented. M. gracilipes is similar but is without the purple pigment. Ref Curtis’s Botanical magazine (2002) 23,176.


Standard cultivation and relatively easy. Usually takes 3 years to flower. Like all the evergreen monocarpics will not like a wet waterlogged site to over winter. It is essential to avoid cross pollination with M. 'napaulensis’ (hort) types since the cross, M. x Ramsdeniorum is a very poor plant and is sterile! This will eventually be lost unless at least some plants are kept isolated from other evergreen monocarpics.

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