Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Meconopsis dhwojii - Photos In The Wild

It is not absolutely clear if this really is M. dhwojii. It comes from an area where M. gracilipes is found. One difference is that M. dhwojii has purple pigmented spots on the leaves and at the base of the spines. The identification of these plants is subject to study and Chris Grey-Wilson's monograph on Meconopsis is imminent apparently. Margaret Thorne. Certain amount of purple pigmentation. Some years ago Mike Hirst brought back seeds from this sort of region as M. gracilipes and they flowered in my garden both with and without purple pigmentation of the leaves. The pinnate small sized leaves are probably typical of both species and perhaps even the 'true napaulensis. Margaret Thorne.
Seed capsules. Chris Grey-Wilson in Curtis's Magazine for 2002 made drawings of all the capsules of the evergreen monocarpics. M. gracilipes has an exceptionally long syle approaching half the capsule length while M. dhwojii has a style about 1/4 the capsule length. These therefore more closely resemble M. dhwojii. Margaret Thorne.