Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Meconopsis bella

Photographer : Martin Walsh


A small polycarpic species with relatively large flowers (pink to blue) from a relatively restricted area of Bhutan and Nepal – often on steep rocky areas and a distinctive dwarf tufted habit. Leaves are more or less pinnate and, like the flowers, are all basal.

Photo Information : Note the beautiful buds that look like Fritillaria cirrhosa.


Seed used to be regularly available from an Indian source. The small seeds grow exceedingly slowly and at the end of the first year the dormant growth bud needs a magnifying glass. Very difficult to keep going the 3 to 4 years to flowering but has been achieved by one very talented pair of Scottish growers. The R.B.G Edinburgh brought back plants but these were rather drawn in cultivation and flowering rather disappointing. May be easier in cold northern climates but will always need real care as the plants are very small for at least two years.

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