Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Meconopsis betonicifolia - Photos In The Garden

Leaves of M. betonicifolia, 2 xSheldonii and M. grandis. M. betonicifolia is best identified by leaf shape. M. grandis on left and M. betonicifolia on right.
M. betonicifolia pratensis of Scottish gardens. A mysterious plant typical of the species but with deep purple spring foliage and robust growth to 2 metres. Kingdom-Ward introduced this sub-species (KW6862) in 1938 but there is no evidence whether this is it. It is sterile and may well be a hybrid. Fred Hunt. Hensol Violet. Technically this should be propagated vegetatively but I guess it comes quite true from seed. Actually these purple strains turn up regularly in seed batches. Fred Hunt.