Monday, 10 January 2005

Meconopsis delavayi - Photos In The Garden

Perennial plants at Glendoick. Growth of seedlings not pricked on by July.
Characteristic tall thin seed pod. 3 year old plant in garden of Fred Hunt, East Scotland. Fred Hunt.
Same plant as previous in Fred Hunt's garden but at two years old to show growth rate. Fred Hunt. Superbly grown north of the Arctic Circle by Finn Haugli. Talented Norwegian gardeners are showing it is possible to grow a number of species difficult in much of the U.K. Much seed of this species has come to the U.K from this source. Finn Haugli.
Another wonderful plant from Tromso. north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Finn Haugli. Growing well in Caithness (north mainland Scotland) but colour distorted though this specimen more blue than purple. This is one of the most desirable of all Meconopsis. It is easy from seed (if you can find it) but clearly is difficult except in cool northern climates.