Saturday, 12 March 2005

Meconopsis tibetica


S Tibet. First found in 1920s but not properly described until 2005 (One of five species in section Discogyne characterised by having a disk above the ovary from which the style and stigma protrude – other 4 species are M. tibetica, M. torquata, M simikotensis and M. pinnatifolia). A very beautiful species of a deep red flowers on a scape. Monocarpic.


Only M. discigera of the Discogyne has been regularly grown and that is not easy. M. torquata was flowered once many years ago in Scotland and that proved very difficult. Likely to be difficult. The flowering of this specie from the single plant that germinated by Geoff Hill is somewhat of a triumph. The seed was originally collected by Dr. Vogel in S.E Tibet on 2007. It was later submitted to the Meconopsis Group seed exchange as a form of M. grandis. There is no question that this plant would be a very desirable addition to cool northerly gardens around the world.

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