Monday, 7 March 2005

Meconopsis sinuata

Photographer : Martin Walsh


A plant that might be mistaken superficially for one of the M. horridula relatives from Central Nepal and Bhutan with usually only one flower (4 blue, purple or violet petals and orange anthers) open at a time or even in total. The leaves however immediately separate it from any resemblance to the M. horridula group. Leaves which are lanceolate with a long flattened petiole often deeply lobed with spiny bristles and many leaves may be withered at flowering, stem leaves similar. This is very similar to M. primulina - which also has a black style. I have a suspicion that George taylor's classification where M. sinuata is put in the Aculeatae (with M. horridula) will not stand current scrutiny and it may well be better in the Primulinae - if indeed that group is valid.


Probably not a great plant for the garden even if it were growable!