Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Meconopsis speciosa - Photos In The Wild

Rong Chu SE Tibet. Fred Hunt.Typical glossy green leaves with few spines and very pinnatifid foliage. Beima Shan, Yunnan. 2009. Hilary Birks.
Lovely image of a difficult to grow plant. Beima Shan Hilary Birks. Plant showing flower pedicels agglutinized into a flowering scape. This appears to be an altitude effect in many species intermediate between totally scapose plants at high levels. Beima Shan, 2009. Hilary Birks.
A perfect flower on this beautiful species. Galang La, Tibet. John Mitchell. Rather less completely lobed leaves. It is I suppose possible that this species hybridises with the M. horridula group, since a whole range of species within the Aculeatae group grow in the various provinces of China. They certainly hybridize in cultivation but their hybrid nature is often rather obscure. Galang La, Tibet. John Mitchell.
A superb image of a superb plant on the Red Mountain on the Beima Shan. The pinnate foliage which distinguishes this species from the M. horridula complex is perfectly shown. The only species it might be confused with is M. aculeata and this occurs at the other end of the Himalayas andhas less glaucous foliage. Martin Walsh. Another superlative image from Martin Walsh on the Red Mountain in Yunnan. One simply could not ask for a better flower spike with so many open flowers. Relatively rarely has seed been available but is probably difficult.
Much reduced plant growing in a crevice but showing the typical foliage of this species. In some ways similar to the extreme wstern Himalayan species. M. aculeata but the leaves a deep almost waxy green. Martin Walsh - Red Mountain, Yunnan. Open scree at 4350 m. on the Red Mountain of the Beima Shan. This is a high altitude plant amd so far has proved very difficult in cultivation. Alain Denis.