Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Meconopsis staintonii

Photographer : Ian Scott


A newly named plant from the Kali Gandaki in Nepal and the western flanks of Annapurna. It is an evergreen monocarpic up to 2 metres with golden hairs on lobed leaves and pink, red or white flowers. It has larger capsules than the true M. napaulensis and is clearly considerably involved with what should be called M. napaulensis (Hort.) widely grown in gardens. Ref. Curtis Botanical Magazine (2002) 23,176.


This is very close to the plants we grow in the garden as M. napaulensis which are almost certainly hybrids. The plant illustrated was grown from wild seed collected by Chris Chadwell and fits Chris Grey-Wilson's new species described in Curtis, 23 176.

Probaby easy in Scottish type climates and flowering monocarpically in 3 or 4 years. Will hybridize unless kept isolated from other similar evergreen monocarpics like M. paniculata (but not M. walliichii and the like since this group does not appear to hybridize with species related closely to M. staintonii.)

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