Thursday, 3 March 2005

Meconopsis sherriffii


A deciduous perennial plant with pink flowers. Similar in form to M. grandis and M. integrifolia with often single flowers on stems with bract leaves. Can form quite large clumps with numerous flowering spikes from separate rosettes. It is usually less than 40cms when flowering but can be at least twice that. Mostly known from a restricted area of Bhutan but published pictures have been taken in Sichuan near Kanding and Rock described a pink M. integrifolia from China which was presumably M. sherriffii; so may be much more widely distributed.


Currently probably not in cultivation; was maintained for many years by a small number of very skilled Scottish growers with perennial plants that occasionally set seed. This was before the changed Scottish climate made Meconopsis more difficult to grow so this species is probably now more tricky. It flowers in the second year from seed, needs cross pollination and very often behaves like a monocarpic species as do many seedlings of both M. grandis and M. betonicifolia. One English grower at this time raised many seedlings but all died before flowering. Needs care and probably vulnerable to fungal infections. A good account of growing this species by Alan Furness is in ‘The Alpine Gardener’ Vol 72, Sept. 2004.

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