Friday, 4 March 2005

Meconopsis simikotensis


(One of five species in section Discogyne characterised by having a disk above the ovary from which the style and stigma protrude – other 4 species are M.pinnatifolia ,M. tibetica, M. torquata, and M.discigera). This is a newly described species which was collected by Stainton, Sykes and Williams (4270) in June 1952 in W Nepal (Nr. Simikot). Chris Grey-Wilson has recently described this new species from herbarium material which had previously been filed under M. discigera, though from an area well to the west of that species. Similar to M. discigera and M. tibetica but with smaller blue, purple or mauve flowers than the latter and with entire leaves with a leafy stem compared to the former.


Only M. discigera of the Discogyne has been regularly grown and that is not easy. M. torquata was flowered once many years ago in Scotland. Likely to be very difficult though the location is sufficiently west and different to make one optimistic - at least initially!

Map Location

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