Sunday, 23 February 2014

       Many years ago, when I first used to show at Scottish Rock Garden Club shows, Harold Esslemont from Aberdeen used to show (and very often win!). He was generous and gave me a number of plants, one of which was Crocus gargaricus ssp gargaricus. This subspecies is not stoloniferous unlike the better known form  - ssp. herbertii and has multiplied up by seed to form really large (and extremely beautiful) colonies. Mice are a major problem, especially in a mild winters like this one, and I wage constant warfare on them. 

      What is very interesting about this is that it comes from damp meadows in parts of Turkey and grows extremely well in my peat beds under summer shade unlike nearly any other species of Crocus

The top image, with the pot, shows both the sub species gargaricus and herbertii (in pot). I had totally forgotten this pot sown some years ago with seed from the Gothenberg Botanic Gardens and discovered flowering for the first time today -  but with no sun to open the flowers!.