Thursday, 27 February 2014

One of the lovely thing about plants and gardens is how generous people are in sharing things. Fred Hunt from Invergowrie (near Dundee)- an immaculate gardener with a host of rare and beautiful plants - collected a large assembly of snowdrop cultivars. They too, grow well with me here and multiply wonderfully. Here again in beds under shrubs that provide summer shade -  in this case hazel cultivars for a nut crop. He has given me very many and they now form large clumps. One currently out now has simply huge flowers and the accompanying photograph shows this flower next to a standard snowdrop. To be honest, while quite fascinating,  it is not really my idea of the most delicate flower of spring! Again nothing really to do with Meconopsis but they like the rich acid soil and provide things to enjoy when the only sign of Meconopsis is over wintering rosettes.