Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I recently visited the garden in Wick of my daughter and went through and cleaned and tidied this bed. The message of this is just how easy blue poppies are to grow in cool northern climates and over many years I have not lost a single one of this collection of about 40 variations on blue poppies. There are large clumps for me to divide in spring (best time to do it). The Phormasol between the rows very much helps reduce any weeding and I obtain a great deal of seed from these plants. I have a reserve collection of all the species I grow in dry east coast Fife up here. 

I intend to start a weekly write up of all the more common and relatively easily grown species for people who would like to start to grow some. This is the time of year when groups like the Alpine Garden Society, The Scottish Rock Garden Club and the Meconopsis Group bring out seed lists where members may choose a small selection of packets and these are only available to members. There can be restrictions on sending plant material to some countries but most allow seed.