Sunday, 12 October 2014

This is very much the time of year when all sorts of organizations collect in seed from donors  - often from all over the world. The seed needs to be cleaned to remove any rubbish - fragments of seed pods, non viable seeds and then dried. It then should be carefully labelled and packaged and sent off to the Seed Manager. The seed is then checked and if there are queries they may contact you. Depending on how many people send in a particular  variety and how rare it is they package it into individual seed packets with either a very few seeds for rare plants or things of high demand. This seed  is then added to a seed list which is published and sent to all the members of the particular organisation. Members then choose a particular allocation of packets and eventually these are sent out in time to sow in spring. The Meconopsis Seed Group does this, so does the Scottish Rock Garden Club and the Alpine Garden Society. Many members will be involved in the packaging but the really big job is that of the Seed Exchange Managers who overall supervise and make the allocations. We all need to be very grateful for this dedication.