Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dactylorhizas self seed in my Meconopsis garden and I have given literally thousands away. This one is truly gorgeous and is called Eskimo Nell. It was given me a few years ago by Fred Hunt of Invergowrie, Tayside - one of the all time greats of Scottish Rock Garden club shows. He had bought it from the late Gerry Munday. I am sure it was produced from a cross with D. elata and a 'white' form of D. fuchsii. Not at all sure if this was done in culture or whether the cross arose from sowing actual seed. I have a white form of D. fuchsii which I collected very many years ago from the Irish Republic. This is a totally different plant in size, structure and flowering time.
They were well grazed by sheep and until they flowered I did not know what they were. Mine are not out yet and I will illustrate them in a few weeks.

Eskimo Nell is very strong growing and looks healthy and has clumped up well in about 4 years and I have given a number away.