Meconopsis New Species


There is a great deal of activity in the world of Meconopsis, mostly splitting species that Taylor lumped together. Some species, most notably what was M. horridula is in the process of very active evolution. It occurs over a considerable range of the Himalayas and Western China and in part this may be due to the very special conditions of the recent series of ice ages where small areas became isolated by only very short distances - perhaps just a thousand metres or so down one side of a mountain that became glaciated into a valley that remained relatively warm. During warming there may have been quite complex interactions between groups of the same species that had been individually isolated and continuing to evolve independantly. I suspect as Chinese botanists explore and report on areas not previously seriously botanised that the great variabilty of some species will become even more complex. The aim of this section is to have a site where these sorts of plants can be described.


List Of Species Included

M pseudohorridula

M. bijiangensis


M. nyingchiensis

M. biloba

M. barbiseta

M. autumnalis - see identification section under monocarpic yellows.

M. manasluensis

M. puchella

M. heterandera

M. balangensis



M. bikramii

Descriptions Under 'Photos In The Wild'